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Union Pacific "HO" M-10000 Streamliner from Con-Cor !!

Now a limited quantity of these sets available with either a "DCC" function decoder,or with a full function DCC Sound Decoder!

Add $29.98 per set for Function Only Decoder, price includes Decoder and installation, and testing by our staff.

Add $59.98 per set for a full function Sound Decoder, price included Sound Decoder, correct speaker, installation and testing by our staff. (Note no known recordings exist of the "orginal" train with Winton engine, we have closen the "first general diesel sounds" made by DigiTrax as the closest we can come to the orginal train sounds.

Note: If ordered by Jan. 31st 2011, you can get a 20% discount off the basic set list price of $429.98. But, sorry, no added discount on the decoders due to labor involved to install, and test them for you.

Dealers Note: We do not install decoders for dealers, but the decoders are available to you for resale at special dealer pricing. Please contact our office for discount details. Toll Free" 1-888-255-7826

Click Screen below to see latest Video of the "City of Salina" version of the HO M-10000. Our thanks to the Elmhurst,Illinois Model Railroad Club for use of their layout to take these video's.

Order #0001-008784 "HO" City of Salina M-10000 $429.98

Photos of the 1936 Paint Scheme on the M-10000.

     By 1936 the Original M-10000 train (nicknamed "Little-Zip" by some, the Tin worm" by others) has been joined by additional trainsets built by Pullman for the Union Pacific. The trains had proved to be very popular with the public and the later trains all had more cars than the 3-car M-10000, so they could handle larger passenger loads per run.

     So in 1936 the "Little-Zip" was refurbished, given a new paint scheme and assigned to the run between Omaha and Salina Kansas, which did not have the heavier passenger volumes of its cross country cousins.

     But this new paint scheme also sported the new "Streamliner" script Logo that was destined to be used by the Union Pacific for the next 35 years or so, until Amtrak took over all the Union Pacific Routes. This "Steamliner" logo was also used on thousands of U.P. Freight cars to advertise it passenger service.

     Now, Con-Cor brings you this famous paint scheme which has never before been available to HO modelers. Limited quantity of these sets available with either a "DCC" function decoder, or with a full function DCC Sound Decoder !

Here are photos of the Original HO M-10000 (now sold out) Showing all the close up details on the bodies of the Locomotive and cars....

Left Photo above is of Nose of 3 car set. Yes, the front grill is "see through", it is a lost wax casting !! And you will find a horn behind the grill !!

Right Photo above is of side of Loco (Note in production the car end diaphrams are UP Grey in color, not the light grey as shown on this sample)

Left Photo above of 3 car Set.

Right Photo above of "Overland Trail" Pullman Car ("Oregon Trail" is same car body just different lettering).

Left Photo above of shows interior of Coach car with decorated seats

Right Photo above of "Overland Trail" Pullman Car top of Roof view

Left Photo above shows top angle view of 3 cars set

Right Photo above shows Top of Roof of Locomotive

Top Photo above shows side view of Coach car

Bottom Photo above shows side view of tail end Observation car

Note in above 2 photos correct color Gray Diaphrams are shown

Photo above shows tail end of train

Some of the Features of the M-10000

  • Will be DCC ready, with standard NMRA 8 pin plug mounted on internal PC board.
  • Extra 4th and 5th Pullman car will be available ( see below)
  • Highly detailed, and authenticly painted to match original Union Pacific Colors
  • Full Interiors and Lighting
  • Reversing headlights and tail lights
  • Will accept any brand Function or "Sound Decoder" that is compatible with standard 8-pin NMRA plug. (Con-Cor will start offering matching Decoders for these models in Jan. 2011.
  • Holes in bottom of loco chassis for sound exit.
  • Lighted Cab interior with Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Extra headlight pointing to the heavens as per orginal train

History of the Union Pacific M-10000.

     The Union Pacific actually won the race to have a "modern streamlined high speed train" in service first and had their M-10000 streamliner in service in early 1934 months before the Burlington's Pioneer Zephyr.

     But the Burlington won the public relations battle and got more publicity for the Pioneer Zephyr which is probably remembered better than the M-10000.

     The M-10000 also toured much of the USA and the interior was shown to over 1 million people, and each and every one of those million plus people got a fancy sourvenier Aluminum coin made of the same material as the M-10000 body.

     The Original M-10000 was scrapped in early 1942. It is a bit vauge why it was scrapped so early, as other versions such as the M-10001 and M-10002 continued in service. The offical reason given was that the Aluminum in the body was needed for the "war effort". But at least one National Museum had expressed interest in preserving the train for Historical purposes.

"HO" M-10000 Original 3 car Train Set as delivered in 1934

0001-008781 Union Pacific Brown and Yellow paint scheme (Sold out now, sorry.) 0001-008782 4th car, a Pullman "Overland Trail: $139.98 built for the M-10001 train set but used on the M-10000 for a while 0001-008783 5th Add-On car, Pullman "Oregon Trail" $139.98 built for the M-10001 train 0001-008784 1936 City of Salina Paint Scheme $429.98 (IN STOCK NOW, and add on Decoders available.)

Jump to short Video clip showing our new HO AeroTrain and M-10000 Trains.

Note: This is our first attempt at video on our website, a bit rough at the edges, but hey, it shows you our new trains which we are really proud of.

Our Thanks to "John" in our customer service dept, for allowing us to take these videos on his layout.

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