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Welcome to Con-Cor Trains "HO" Freight Car Index Page.

Here are the many different body styles available in our "HO" Freight Car line, covering many time era's, from the 1880's to the most modern of "Intermodal Cars"

New BNSF 100 Ton Coal Cars (various colors, 12 road numbers-Many other roadnames also available )                                                                Bulkhead end Pulpwood Cars (7 Roadnames -3 cars numbers each road)

Union Pacific 54' Mill Gondola (7 Roads -3 Car Numbers each road)                                                              Airslide Covered Hoppers, (8 roads -3 car numbers each road)

Scroll down about 6 inches to see the list of Body Styles we offer. Just click on the Freight Car Catagory, and you will be taken to the correct page with that roadname list.

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  • Authentic Models from Original Drawings of railroad freight cars.
  • Cars come with Operating McHenry Knuckle couplers
  • Fully assembled and ready to run.
  • Authentic Railroad Colors and lettering
  • All Roadnames are produced with multiple Car Numbers

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  • "HO" 54 Ft Pulpwood Flat Cars with simulated log load. (These cars shipped in June 2011.)
    Three Car numbers available for each, boxes will be marked with Stock Number plus either (01) (02) or (03)

    Images might not be available for all items.
    Missing Image does not mean we do not have it.

    Ready to Run
    $21.98 ea.
    Order Number Below
    Southern. The timber and paper industry were a major source of traffic for the 10,000 mile Southern Railway system. In 1969 Southern added the green circle to the "O" as part of their "Southern Gives a Green Light to Innovations" campaign. 0001-092060
    Trailer Train. Best known for their fleet of trailer and container cars, TTX (as they are currently known) also rosters large fleets of other flats for general and other non-intermodal service. The logo seen here was adopted in 1992. 0001-092061
    BNSF black. BNSF was the result of the 1995 merger of Burlington Northern and Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe. Ten years later, the name was changed to BNSF Railway and the "Swoosh" logo was developed reportedly because "Burlington Northern Santa Fe" was too difficult for financial reporters to remember! 0001-092062
    BNSF oxide red. In BNSF's early days cars were repainted oxide red or Cascade green. The green stopped when old stocks of BN paint were used up. Now BNSF uses oxide red and black. 0001-092063
    Norfolk Southern. NS was born with the 1982 merger of Southern Railway and Norfolk & Western. However, it was 1988 when the NS logo first appeared on rolling stock in quantity. 0001-092064
    Canadian National. Although CN's famous "noodle" logo was not generally used on flat cars, the big change of image in 1960 did bring about the spelling of "Canadien National" (in French) on one side and "Canadian National" (in English) on the other, a detail reproduced on these models! 0001-092065
    Canadian Pacific Canadian Pacific adopted the CP Rail image in 1968. In 1996, they reclaimed their full name but the bright red paint remains. 0001-092066

    ""HO" Gondola cars with scrap metal load (These cars scheduled to be ready early 2011.)
    Three Car numbers available for each, boxes will be marked with Stock Number plus either (01) (02) or (03)

    Images might not be available for all items.
    Missing Image does not mean we do not have it.
    Ready to Run
    $21.98 ea.
    Order Number Below
    HO Gondola /with load BNSF Railway - black. This paint scheme illustrates BNSF's very latest gondola painting standards - complete with FRA mandated yellow reflector stripes. 0001-092041
    HO Gondola /with load BNSF Railway - oxide red. Here is the concurrent oxide red version of the scheme. Note the variation in road number and reflector stripe placement. 0001-092042
    HO Gondola /with load Chicago & North Western. C&NW purchased these gons secondhand from Penn Central in 1974, then rebuilt them in 1979. 0001-092043
    HO Gondola /with load Union Pacific. UP adopted this paint scheme for gondolas after the acquisition of Western Pacific and Missouri Pacific in 1983. 0001-092044
    HO Gondola /with load CSX. CSX had existed as a parent company for several years before adopting this CSX paint scheme on rolling stock in 1987, replacing the Chessie and Seaboard System images. 0001-092045
    HO Gondola /with load Norfolk Southern. The NS "stallion" logo (used on locomotives) comes from the NS system map which resembles the head and neck of a horse facing west! 0001-092046
    HO Gondola /with load Conrail. This group of Conrail gondolas was originally built for Delaware Lackawanna & Western. This run wears the post-1983 Conrail scheme. 0001-092047

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