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      Bring a potenital piece of Amtrak's future to your HO Layout!

     Accepting Pre-Orders now for this Special Run Collector's "HO" Amtrak Train Set from Con-Cor Trains.

     Production is due late this year, and our production quantity will be based on Pre-Orders received.

     Throughout the history of Amtrak, America's passenger carrier has not been shy when it came to trying new technology for carrying passengers to their destinations in safety and comfort. The early years saw the United Aircraft and Rohr turbo trains. Germany's ICE (Intercity Express) and electric locomotives from Sweden were tested on the Northeast Corridor. The Acela Express and Talgo trains use tilting technology so trains can take curves at high speed without dumping the passenger's or their refreshments into their laps or the aisles.

     Could a train like this be in Amtrak's future? We think so. This light weight 3-unit design permits faster acceleration and deceleration leading to lower delta times for station stops. Having streamlined cabs at both ends provides the advantages of push-pull service without the aerodynamic penalty of a traditional blunt ended coach at the back of the train.

Lead Locomotive, Lettered "Spirit of 1776"

Additional "Add-on Car" Extra Center "Add-on Car" to make this a 4 car train also will be available "Philadephia 1778"

Center Car, Lettered "Independence Hall 1777"
Additional Extra Center "Add-on Car" to make this a 5 car train also will be available "New York 1788" (New York was the Nation's Capital for one year in 1788)

Rear Locomotive, lettered "Constitution 1787"


  • Fully assembled and Ready to Run 3 car train
  • Interiors in the second and third cars. First car contains the mechanism
  • Interiors have some decoration, ready for your figure sets (not included)
  • DCC Ready with Standard NMRA 8 medium socket set ready for Decoder
  • Minimum radius is 18 Inches for HO trackage
  • Historically accurate paint and lettering
  • Die cast metal weights
  • Lighting in all 3 cars
  • Add on Cars available
  • Windshield wipers
  • Add-on "DCC"Sound Decoder available (Decoder can only be used with layout wired for "DCC" operation)

     Pre-Order you can qualify for a 20% Pre-Order discount. No payment is due now, and once they arrive we will contact you to Re-Confirm your order before shipping, and collect payment information at that time.

     All Pre-Orders maybe cancelled or modified at any time prior to shipment.

     Placing a Pre-Order guarantees your name is on the delivery list when the models are finished and ready to ship.

     Lay-A-Way Plan available if you wish to pay over a few months.

Shipping and handling charges apply on all orders.


Stock Number
Complete 3 car Set
"HO" Amtrak "Next-Gen" Collectors Train Set
Complete 3 Car Train Set, Ready to Run in "DC" out of the box.
For "DCC" Operation you need to add a "Decoder" and Operate with a "DCC" Power controller
Pre-Order Price $319.99

Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
$ 399.98
Delivery Late-2012
0001-008729 "HO" Add-On Extra Center Car
"Philadephia 1778"
Note: Photo at left is of Center car that comes with the set, "Independece Hall 1777"
Lettering will be changed for Philadelphia Car
Pre-Order Price $103.99
Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
Delivery Late-2012
0001-008758 "HO" Add-On Extra Center Car
"New York 1788"
Note: Photo at left is of Center car that comes with the set, "Independece Hall 1777"
Lettering will be changed for the New York Car
Pre-Order Price $103.99
Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item
Quantity: Check out now
Delivery Late-2012
0001-006001(No Photo available at this time) "DCC" Sound Decoder for the Reading Crusader Train Locomotive Tender-

You have two choices on the Sound Decoder.
Choice #1 is to order it and install yourself (20% Discount)
Choice #2 is we will install for you, but then we have to charge full retail for the decoder, due to extra labor on our part. When we install it we will use the proper speaker and test run the model for you before we ship.
You can make this final decision when we contact you to Re-Confirm your Pre-Order when the Sets arrive.
Note: You can only use "DCC" version with Decoder installed if you have a "DCC" controler for your train layout. "DCC" Decoders will not function on a "DC" wired layout, and could burn out components if yuo try to use "DCC" on a "DC" layout.
Lay-A-Way Plan Available on this item, when ordered with the set
Quantity: Check out now
$ 74.98
Delivery Late-2012

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Lay-A-Way Program Available !       Check out details on our order form page.

     Con-Cor Trains recommends you use LaBelle brand Lubricants on your Amtrak "Next-Gen" Train Set. This not only includes the Locomotive, but also the axle ends on the passenger cars to reduce friction and pull longer trains, as well as the moving parts of operating knuckle couplers to insure the best possible coupler operation. See order form below for LaBelle products you can order today.


Stock Number
430-001001 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for HO, O, S, On30,On3, Lionel, LGB and all large Scales $ 26.59
430-001002 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for N and Z Scales $ 26.59
430-000105 LaBelle Track Conditioner, 1 oz bottle fluid plus cleaning pads. $ 11.59
430-000115 LaBelle Replacement Pads only $ 7.49
430-000901 LaBelle Motor Cleaning System $ 16.98


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