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Con-Cor's "HO" 57 Ft Reefer in various Tropicana Paint Schemes

First Release Feb 2012 !
We are now accepting Pre-Order Reservations for the this First Run. Save 20% by Pre-Ordering Today !

In 4 Paint Schemes !

Tropicana Phase 1, white sides and white ends.

Tropicana Phase 2, white sides and green ends.

Tropicana Phase 3, white sides and orange ends.

Tropicana Phase 4, orange sides and orange ends.

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     Tropicana is one of America's favorite consumer brands, and one of the few to have their own fleet of railroad cars. The Tropicana Trains have made the run between Florida and their distribution hub in New Jersey for four decades.

     More recently, Tropicana Trains have also run from Florida to distribution centers in the Midwest and West Coast.(We have seen the cars going through Tucson on the Union Pacific, heading towards California.)

     As you can see, Tropicana's reefer paint scheme has evolved over the years. All four of these versions have included the "Tropic-Ana" little girl.

     Deliveries of additional reefers often meant another new variation in the paint scheme so multiple variations were in service at a time.

     These cars were rarely seen alone, almost always a group of at least 4 to 6 cars would be seen on a train.

     This is your chance to model one of the most unique "unit trains" on the American Rails.


  • --compare our prices to others that give you plastic wheelsets ! Metal wheelsets alone are worth $6.00 a car !
  • Factory Mounted McHenry operating knuckle couplers.
  • Fully assembled and Ready to Run.
  • 3 road numbers in each new paint scheme.
  • 4-color printing.
  • Multiple Car numbers

          For the Fall 2011 Run all 4 paint schemes will be available in 3 different car numbers which will be identified on the package with (01), (02), or (03) after the stock number. If you order more than one car per scheme, we'll do our best to get you an assortment of different car numbers depending on remaining inventory.

  • Famous "HO" 57' Tropicana Reefers, 4 paint schemes, all Paint Schemes will come with 3 Different Car numbers, boxes will be marked. #(01), (02) and (03) for Fall 2011.

    Photo of Artwork
    All Models Ready To Run
    Come with Micro-Trains couplers
    Stock Number
    Tropicana Orange Juice Paint Scheme #1
    White Sides and Ends
    Available Car #s (01) (02) (03)
    Quantity: Check out now
    Tropicana Orange Juice Paint Scheme #2
    White Sides and Green Ends
    Available Car #s (01) (02) (03)
    Quantity: Check out now
    Tropicana Orange Juice Paint Scheme #3
    White Sides and Orange Ends
    Available Car #s (01) (02) (03)
    Quantity: Check out now
    Tropicana Orange Juice Paint Scheme #4
    Orange Sides and Ends
    Available Car #s (01) (02) (03)
    Quantity: Check out now
    Tropicana Orange Juice Assortment of all 4 Paint Schemes.
    1 Each of all 4 Cars #s (Consists of 1 each of car #(03) of each paint scheme
    Quantity: Check out now
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