Galloping Goose Freight Version

(Tourist Version of the Goose on display in Dolores,Colorado )

Limited stock on hand, and next re-run will probably be late 2012.

Mechanism comes with built in 10 pin PC board,ready for DCC Decoder installation.**

      NOTE: Photo shows lst production run model with a Soundtraxx brand Decoder installed. The Con-Cor Goose, DOES NOT COME with a Decoder, it only has the NMRA 8 pin socket set installed on the printed Circuit Board, ready for you to install a Decoder. Con-Cor Trains now does make an add-on Sound Decoder for this model, order part Number 0001-006008 $64.98, and it does retro-fit all previous models of the Goose manufactured by Con-Cor Trains.

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Goose "Tourist Version" and "Freight Version" Extra Feature !

     Note: Both the Bus Body Freight Goose, and the Tourist Goose will come with the standard spoked pilot, but will include an alternate Snow plow that can be mounted by the modeler if he/she so chooses. Note also the simulated pull rope for the bell. ( The Pierce Arrow Goose somes with its own pilot modeled after the original Pierce Arrow Goose, and is not interchangable with this snow plow.

      Both the orginal "Freight Version" and the "Tourist Version" will be re-run when the "Pierce Arrow" models are produced. Details on the "Freight Version" and the features on the Mechanism used on all 3 models can be found at following links.

Goose,Tourist Version

New Pierce Arrow Version of Galloping Goose

      Just imagine it now, this neat little railbus drifting down the track on your layout, honking at the bystanders, bell ringing at crossings, and all with the rumble of a small gas engine in the background. (Well, maybe that is a bit overdone, but Model Railroader Magazine was so impressed they added an animated version of the Goose Sound to their Website for viewing!)

      Price of DCC w/Sound decoder not included with basic price of the Goose. If you do not want "Sound" you can buy a DCC decoder with fewer functions for speed control only and it will work just fine also.

     Railbuses had their origins in the 1920's and 1930's when mail and passengers had to be delivered to remote branch line areas. On "slow" business days or in the off-season when business was light they took the place of an expensive steam locomotive and crew.

     Many railroads had Railbuses in one version or another. They were used on both the branch lines of the major railroads and on the local smaller railroads and narrow gauge lines.

     When Con-Cor decided to do research for a model of a Railbus, we found that some of the most famous of all Railbuses, the Rio Grande Southern's "Galloping Geese" were still around and some are still running in tourist service.

     Our model of the Galloping Goose is a faithful representation of the original freight and passenger version of Goose #5, which first hit the rails in 1933. Number 5 was virtually identical to Geese #3 and #4 which were built a bit earlier. Goose #5 presently lives in Dolores, Colorado, and is in full operating condition. Other Geese can be found in Telluride, Colorado, at Knott's Berry Farm and at the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden Colorado. Other Railbuses can be found in train museums around the U.S.A. such as the one in St. Louis.

     This model is fully ready-to-run, and comes with a factory-installed PC board meeting NMRA standards so that it will be easy to install the DCC decoder of your choice.

HO Versions: Re-Run Estimated Retail Price $230.00 - $250.00 (Place Your Pre-Order NOW !)


0001-004100 Undecorated((Silver, No Lettering) (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004101 Rio Grande Southern #5 (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004102 Denver & Rio Grande Western (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004103 Santa Fe (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004104 Pennsylvania (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004105 Great Northern (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004106 Union Pacific (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004107 Southern Pacific (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004108 New York Central (Sorry sold out Feb 2011) 0001-004109 Maintenance of Way (Sorry sold out Feb 2011)

HOn3 Versions: Retail Price $249.98 each. 0001-004120 Undecorated ((Silver, No Lettering) (Limited quantity on hand Feb. 16th 2011) 0001-004121 Rio Grande Southern #5 (Limited quantity on hand Feb. 16th 2011) 0001-004122 Denver & Rio Grande Western (Limited quantity on hand Feb. 16th 2011)

Photos Follow:

Goose Decorated for Denver & Rio Grande Western

Goose Decorated for SantaFe

Goose Decorated for Pennsylvania

Goose Decorated for Great Northern

Goose Decorated for Union Pacific

Goose Decorated for Southern Pacific

Goose Decorated for New York Central

Goose Decorated for Maintenance of Way

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