Welcome Dealers !

    Con-Cor has always sold direct to Dealers in 50 years we have been making Collectable Model Trains. If you do not have an account with us, or an in-active account, it is easy to establish a new account, or re-activate an old one.

    Just contact our office using any one of the methods shown at the bottom of this Dealer Order Form page.

    Our normal terms are 40% off Retail Pricing,but sometimes we offer special offers and close out pricing. All shipments are FOB Tucson, Arizona. But we offer a generous 4% cash discount which consists of a 2% cash discount, and 2% freight allowance. Minimum order is $150.00 at retail value for orders going to a USA Address, and $250.00 for orders going to an International address.

    Special Pre-Order Promotions:
"Pre-Orders" for items announced for future delivery, often will have a special discount associated with them. Please consult with your Con-Cor sales representative to find out which items quality for a Bonus Pre-Order Discount. . To qualify, all "Pre-Orders" must be of a Retail value of $250.00 or more per release group, and placed by the "Pre-Order" cut off date that will be announced for each group of items, this allows us the time to prepare the production run to make enough product to cover all the "Pre-Orders" , which are delivered usually about 120-150 days after the cut off date. (This Pre-Order" process has become more or less standard Industry Practice of all the major Hobby Manufacturers.

    If you need photos of our product for use on your website, or flyers to post inside you store, just contact your Con-Cor sales representative and we will be happy to supply what you need.

    All new Con-Cor Trains items are covered, buy our "MAP" Program. (Minimum Advertised Pricing.) Complete details on the Con-Cor Trains "MAP" program can be found at: Con-Cor's MAP Pricing Policy

Dealer Order Form Below

Please indicate method of payment below:

Credit Card; Ok to charge my credit card ** (see below)
I am mailing in a check or Money Order today to cover the order. (We can only put a "hold" on goods awaiting a check for 7 days.) Important: Please include a copy of your full order with your mailed check or money order, so we can match it up correctly with your Email order.

We have an established Open Account with Con-Cor Trains ** (see comments towards bottom of this regarding the establishment of an Open Account Status with Con-Cor Trains.)

Con-Cor Customer #:
If you bought from us before, your Customer Number is printed right above your name on your previous invoice/shipping label.(***See comment below if you have moved, or not bought from us before.)

Note Address Change (Print "Change" in Box):
I have bought from Con-Cor before, but moved since my last purchase, please change my address to that shown below.

Dealer Name:
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P.O. Box:
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(Please include Zip+4 if you know yours.)
Daytime Phone #:

    We will contact you by Email or Phone before shipping new items from Pre-Orders placed with us to re-confirm with you. You may Change, Modify or Cancel any "Pre-Order" at any time. But if we get sold out on an item before delivery due to heavy advance sales, having a "Pre-Order" on file with us will guarantee you will get yours. You will receive a printed confirmation all of active Pre-Orders on the Pink Packing Slip inside the box everytime you get a Shipment from Con-Cor Trains. .

     So, placing a "No Obligation Pre-Order" is a good insurance policy for you, to make sure that at least we have one of the models you want with your name on it here at the Con-Cor Warehouse when they arrive.

Please send me the following Items: (Just Type in the Stock Number of the Item you wish and the quantity desired, you may enter as many lines as you wish up to 25.

List Stock #:                 Brief Description of Item                   Price of Item  
You may also type any comments in the box you like such as "This is a " Pre-Order" , "I have an order I wish to place by phone, please call me at 10:00
on Tuesday the 15th", "Note we care closed for vacation July 2-12th", etc etc.

E-mail Address:
We need this in case we have to reach you about a question on your order, and to send you alerts on new item availability.

Delivery Handling and Processing Charges

Normal USA Surface Delivery:

    USA Addresses for Lower 48 states: For normal delivery to lower 48 States, we charge the actual cost of surface Fedex Ground, plus Insurance charges. Your cash discount is 4% which includes 2% cash discount, and 2% freight allowance towards your freight charge. We make every effort to ship all orders received within 4-5 working days but some orders may take longer if we have to "build" items for your order from components on hand in our warehouse. Please allow 3-4 business days after your order leaves our warehouse for delivery of your order West of the Mississippi, East of the Mississippi will take a few days more.

Please read our Order filling process details at www.con-cor.com/webFAQ.html

Normal USA Surface Delivery (Lower 48 states+ District of Columbia)

Minimum Order for Dealers is $150.00 retail value for merchandise. PLUS Shipping and Handling charges.

Shipments to Addresses in: Alaska,Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and APO/FPO addresses will be charged whatever the U.S. Postal Service charges us, plus insurance for the package.

International Shipping and Handling:

    Some items may not be available for shipping to destinations outside the U.S, due to International Customs Restrictions. If you are outside the Continental USA, Shipping and handling will be the the amount of International Shipping , plus Insurance, and $4.50 for handling and documentation for your shipment for International Customs Agencies.

Costs For International Air Shipments:(Minimum Order for International Dealer Shipments is $250.00 retail value for merchandise. Plus Shipping / Handling charges and Insurance.)

Sorry, but United States Post office has DISCONTINUED International Surface Shipping to all Countries except Canada and Mexico.

So all International Shipmens must go via Air Post now (except Canada and Mexico).

Following Air Post delivery times are estimates, (After the shipment has left our warehouse) as we have no control over the Postal Delivery System Time Tables.

Canada 1-2 weeks.

2 Weeks to Western Europe, a bit longer to Eastern Europe.

2 weeks to Japan and Australia, and other Pacfic Rim countries.

2 weeks to South America.

If you are sending a Check or Money Order for your order, you may:
If you are paying using a Credit Card, please read the Information below, before submitting your order.


Con-Cor accepts: MasterCard / Visa / Discover and American Express Credit Cards. Minimum Order for Charge Card accepted is $20.00 (Plus S/H) except for American Express where the Minimum order is $60.00 due to the high service charge fees American Express charges us.

Some people are still concerned about transmitting Credit Card numbers over the Internet. Most Credit cards have some automatic insurance against fraudulant use. (Check with your Credit Card issuer for details.) But you decide. If you do not wish to transmit your Card # over the Internet, you can:

  • Call our Toll Free Order Line 1-888-255-7826 .
  • This is staffed Monday-Friday 10:00 - 3:30 Mountain Time. (We in Arizona never go on Daylight Savings Time)
  • Note: Toll free number only works for domestic Lower 48 states +District of Columbia
  • Fax your order anytime. 1-520-721-8940
  • Mail your order via Snail Mail with a Check, Money Order, or your Credit Card info;
    Con-Cor International
    8101 E. Research Court
    Tucson, Arizona 85710-6758 USA

  • If you do wish to use your credit card, fill in the details below.

VISA    M/C     Am Express Discover   Pay-Pal

Credit Card #(all 16 digits):    Exp. Date:(month-year)  Credit Card CRV* Security Number  
*CRV code is the 3 or 4 digit code printed on the front or back of your credit card. We need this number for secure credit card processing.
Note: As of April lst 2013 we now accept Pay-Pal for payment. If you wish you use your Pay-Pal account, then enter the Pay-Pal account to be charged in the line above instead of a Credit Card Number. Name of Cardholder, or Pay-Pal account Owner:

    If you become a regular customer you only need to send us your card number with the lst transaction and we can keep that on file ,off line in our office.)

    ***Customer Number. If you have not bought from us before,leave this box blank. Our computer will assign you a customer number.

    BUT, if you have a customer number and have moved since the last time you purchased from us make sure you fill in the approprate information so we do not ship your order to your old address! If you wish you can transmit your Credit Card number separately to us via Fax.(Con-Cor Fax: 1-520 - 721-8940.)

    If you are an Arizona Resident, and do not have a Re-Sale Tax Number on file with us, we have to charge 8.1% sales tax on your order.

    If you have any questions, or need special assistance on your order,you may contact our Customer Service Desk from 10:00am to 3:30 pm Monday-Friday Mountain Standard Time Zone at 1-520-721-8939.

     Notice About Open Account Status: Having Open Account Status with Con-Cor Trains is a privilege, and can only be maintained by ordering on a regular basis, and paying within the Due Date of your invoices. To apply for open account you can get a copy of our credit application from our office and submit it for consideration. Usually new accounts will continue to be on a Payment with Order basis at least for the first few orders, as it often takes 30-40 days for Credit References you may give us to respond to our inquiry to them.


Thank You for Your Order, We Really Do Appreciate Your Business!



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Our Website is not updated after each sale, so being shown on our website is no guarantee we have the item, or can make it up from components we have in the warehouse. If we can not fill your order 100%, we will Email or Call you on your Daytime Phone number you provide to us.