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Summer 2016 Fire Cracker Sale !

This new Sale starts 6 June
and will expire
midnight Sept 30th 2016
Or when Quantities available are sold out
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Buy a Package of 5 of these great kits
1 each 9061,9063,9064,9030,9071
Kit Value of $86.90 Retail
Special price (50% off) $43.45 + s/h

"HO" Structure Kits, variety to choose from at Bargain prices. We sold thousands at much higher prices. (Kit #0002-009061 Cambria Fuel Depot shown)

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Special Sale of 5 Kits Special Assortment of 5 of the kits shown below, 1 each 9061,9063,6064,9039 and 9071 a Retail Value of $86.90 for an incredible price of 50% off
(+ s/h of $12.99 to any USA address)
Hurry only 25 of these special packages are available.
Quantity: Check out now
$43.45 ea.
"HO" Cambria Fuel Depot Kit
Was $18.98 retail
Quantity: Check out now
$11.37 ea.
HO Cambria Fuel Rack kit
Was $17.98 retail
Quantity: Check out now
$10.77 ea.
HO Cambria Tire Shop kit
Was $18.98 each
Quantity: Check out now
$11.37 ea.
HO Bridge and Trestle Set
The bridge alone in this set is worth the price, and just don't use the trestles, orginally made for a "figure 8" up and over train set accessory kit Originally sold for $14.98
Quantity: Check out now
$8.99 ea.
HO Chimney Kit
Is about 5 Stories tall in "HO", but you could kit-bash it shorter, or use for N Industrial Complex as well (kitbashed or not) Originally sold for $15.98.
Quantity: Check out now
$5.99 ea.
Limited Quantity Available. HO Detail Spru, shovels, brooms, crates,barrels etc
just lots of stuff and well worth the price (not painted) Original Price $7.98
Quantity: Check out now
$4.99 ea.
Bulk Lichen Scenic material Approximately 3 pounds of Lichen Scenic Material
Assorted Colors (our choice of colors, but you will at least 75% Green),Combination of bags and bulk packaging.
This is about 75% off the price you will pay in a Hobby Shop today.Slight additional charge for shipping due to the weight vrs value.
Quantity: Check out now
$18.99 ea.

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