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Photo above is Prototype photo that will appear on the top of the Crusader Train box.

"HO" Reading Crusader Sets with Loco and 5 cars ARE NOW ALL SOLD OUT !

But we have a very limited numbr of the "HO" 5 car set only, this was a Con-Cor exclusive
and we are down to just a handful of remaining sets.
  • Ideal for those who model in the post steam era and want to run these with Reading Diesels
  • For those of you who might be a Canadian model fan, please note the prototype cars were sold in later years by the Reading to the Canadian National.
    So these would be a great chance to buy the cars at our steep discount, and re-decorate for the Canadian National !

Photos of Test Shots:
  • The Prototype cars for the Crusader were built by Budd Company in 1937, some of the earliest cars they made of this "shot welded" stainless steel design were the cars for the Oriiginal Pioner Zephyr Train made for the Burlington.
  • All cars will come with complete interiors, and LED constant lighting.
  • Working Knuckle couplers on all cars.
  • Metal RP-25 Profile wheels all around,
  • Decoration: These are early test shots so no decoration is presented, but you can see the prototype paint scheme in the color photo above that will be used on the box cover.
  • Interiors will be decorated as well.
  • Notice the unusal configuration of the "Coach" interior, on these early cars, there even was a "lounge area" for Coach passengers at the rear of the car. This was in the days before the "bean counters" installed as many seats as they could sell in a Coach car.

Here are side views and Interiors!

(Above) Crusader Coach Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusader Coach (Note unusual Lounge Seating at rear)

(Above) Crusader Diner Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusdader Diner (Note was a short distance train, so mixure of Tables and Lounge area seating)

(Above) Crusader Observation Car Side View.......................Interior of Crusader Observation (Note was a short distance train, so mixture of Coach seating, and Lounge area at rear.)


Stock Number
Original Retail
0283-000121 (See larger photo near top of this page for passenger Cars Only) "HO" Reading Railroad Crusader "HO" 5 Passenger Cars Only!
  • Set consists of 2 Coaches, 1 Diner, and 2 Observation cars.
  • The design of the original train used an Observation at each end of the train, so it did not have to be turned at each end of its run.
  • This price is only $45.00 per car, similar cars from other Manufacturers are selling for over $80.00 each, but no one else makes these unique Budd built cars.
Quantity: Check out now

Sale Price $ 224.99
For 5 car Set

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