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New Year's Sale has Extended Dates !!

Sale Starts Dec 24th 2014 and ends Midnight 31 Jan. 2015
Or when Sale item(s) are sold out.

Important Note: The Con-Cor Warehouse will be closed from Dec. 24th until Monday Jan 5th 2015 to give our employee's a well deserved holiday break.
Orders received between 24 Dec and 5th Jan will be processed by date of receipt starting Jan. 5th.

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MinirainS Work Train Set at 40% off CyberSale Pricing ! Retail $183.98
Special Sale Pricing at only $110.99 Set includes 5 all new cars, Crane car, gondola car, water tank car, Boxcar/ tool car & a Workman's caboose, PLUS the Locomotive. (There is no track with this set, it runs on "N" Scale Track.)

Train Set Version with Baloon Stack on Locomotive: (Only 2 pc Available)
Quantity: Check out now

Train Set Version with Straight Stack on Locomotive: (only 1 pc available)
Quantity: Check out now

Shown Above: 168-5061 Nova Scotia Sand and Cement Steam Loco
MiniTrainS HOe Porter Steam Locomotive (runs on "N" Track)

These great little steam engines now join the small diesel previously released.


  • HO narrow gauge H.K. Porter 0-4-0 Locomotive
  • Modern, All-New mechanism
  • Operating Headlight
  • Equipped with original loop couplers
  • Compatible with classic MiniTrainS
  • Operates on any N Guage (9mm) Track, including Peco's HOe narrow gauge
  • Each Steam engine set includes 8 cars- 4 mine and 4 coal tipple cars
  • Perfect for Industrial Narrow Gauge modeling

    Steam Train Set Version with Porter Locomotive- item # 168-5050: (only 3 pc available)
    Retail Price $ 159.98, special Sale Price $95.99.
    Quantity: Check out now

    Porter Steam Engine by itself $ 99.98 (Our Special price $59.99 ea

  • Steam Locomotive only 168-5021 Black Loco Nova Scotia Sand & Gravel #5 (Only 3 pc available)
    Quantity: Check out now

  • Also only Few Available !
    "HO" MiniTrains" Mine and small industry Diesel train.

  • Skewed armature motor for smooth speed control
  • Chose of 4 color schemes on the Diesel Locomotive
  • 5 different types of cars (basic Loco plus 10 car sets have 2 of each car style.
  • Extra cars available in expansion sets of 4 per each car type
  • Uses any brand "N" Track (track not included with set).

    Loco and 10 car Sets: Retail $138.98 / our special CyberSale price $83.99
  • 168-005050 Undecorated, no Painting/ No printing (only 3 pc available)
    Quantity: Check out now
  • 168-005052 Blue #2 (only 2 sets available)
    Quantity: Check out now
  • 168-005053 Yellow with black stripe (only one set available:
    Quantity: Check out now
  • 168-005055 Two tone dark green and yellow #12 (only one set available)
    Quantity: Check out now

    (Left to Right) 5101 Dump car, 5102 Cement car, 5103 Log car, 5104 Trash car, 5105 Pulpwood car

    4 car Expansion Sets: Retail $39.98 / our special price $23.99

    Set of 4 Coal Cars: (only 1 set remains) (picture not available)
    Quantity: Check out now

    Diesel Locomotive only Retail $85.98 / our special price $51.99
  • 168-005005 Two tone dark green and yellow #12 (3 pc only available)
    Quantity: Check out now

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         MinitrainS recommends you use LaBelle brand Lubricants on your MinitrainS products. This not only includes MinitrainS Locomotives, but also MinitrainSRolling stock as you can lubricate the axle ends on freight and passenger cars to reduce friction and pull longer trains, as well as the moving parts of operating knuckle couplers to insure the best possible coupler operation. See order form below for LaBelle products you can order today.


  • Labelle Lubricants, "If it Moves, Lube it !"
    Click Here to see the Complete line of LaBelle Lubricants

    Stock Number
    430-001001 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, plus Grease for HO,S,O, and larger scales
    Quantity: Check out now
    $ 27.79
    430-001002 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for N and Z Scales
    Quantity: Check out now
    $ 27.98
    430-000105 LaBelle Track Conditioner, 1 oz bottle fluid plus cleaning pads.
    Quantity: Check out now
    $ 11.98
    430-000115 LaBelle Replacement Pads only
    Quantity: Check out now
    $ 7.89
    430-000901 LaBelle Motor Cleaning System
    Quantity: Check out now
    $ 17.98
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