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Hi, this new Search Engine is Experimental for us, and the software is still undergoing "tweeking".
So please read the directions below to assist you in your Search.

Step #1)   Our Search Engine will return to you a list of "Pages" on our webpages where the "subject" you type into the search box will be found on. (Note: You might get more than 10 pages returned, if so, make sure you click through at the bottom of the listing to more pages.

Step #2)   Then look at the web-page "Titles" to see which web-pages are likely to contain what you are looking for. Click on the links provided to take you to the page that looks most likely. If what you want is not found, just hit the "Back" button on your browser and go back to the list of pages and then choose the 2nd most likely page.

Repeat these steps as needed to find what you want.
Hint: If you are looking for a "catagory" of items, might be faster to just look at our "Site-Map" page, a link is next to the swirling globe below.)

Step #3)   Think for a minute what you want to Search for, and the most consise way you can enter it into the Search Engine Box.

     You can enter up 40 characters into the "Search Box", but remember, the Search Engine will be looking for "EXACTLY" what you type in. So a long string of words is unlikely to return any result at all for you.

     Also, the words you type in would have to be "next to" one another in our Webpage file... so if you type in "Santa Fe Passenger" the words "Santa Fe Passenger" would have to be exactly that way on our web page to return to you a "ping" on that search. So a better "Search" would just be for "Santa Fe", and then click through to a page that have something relating to Passenger Cars in its Title.

Step #4)   Our web pages over the years have created by different programers, so you might need to search for variations on common railroad names, for example, "Pennsylvania", might alternatively be searched for as "PRR", or "Pennsy", or "Penn." etc, I am sure you get the idea. Our serach engine works pretty fast, so looking up variations will not take much extra time.

Have Fun !

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