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Durango & Silverton
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Durango & Silverton Tourist Railway HO Train Set
New "HO" Model of the famous Durango & Silverton Tourst Railroad !

Ridden by almsot 200,000 Tourists and railfans every year.

      The Durango & Silverton is the most Scenic Railroads in North America, streaching almost 50 miles between Durango Colorado, and the the town of Silverton Colorado high in the San Juan mountains. A 3 hour trip each way going through dramatic canyons, deep river gorges and winding up in a high mountain meadow valley at Silverton. A must journey for any railfan or Tourist who loves Steam trains and breath taking mountain scenery.

     This streach of mountain railroading was built in just 9 months in 1891, and those were the Winter Months of Sept 1880 to May of 1891 ! Owned by the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railway Company until the early 1980's when this section of track was sold to private investors for a Scenic Tourist Railway.

     This is the first time a Ready to Run model of this train has been made at an affordable price. Available only for a limited time, so don't delay if you wish to be a proud owner of this set.

     Available two ways... Complete "HO" Train set including a Power Pack/Transformer and 14 sections of "HO" Track, and comes in a full color package ideal for that "special" Christmas or Birthday Gift...

     Also availble as just the locomotive and 3 cars, (no power pack/Transformer, and no track) for those who already have an existing "HO" Model railroad and just want the train by itself. (This version comes in a plain box.)

  • Fully Detailed 2-8-0 Steam Locomotive and tender, with operating headlight. --Set up for Standard 16v "DC" model train operation. (Not DCC compatible) Is compatible with most brands of "HO" model railroad products.
  • Open "Excursion Car" (Additional cars available for seperate purchase.)
  • Old-Time "Coach car" (Additional cars available for seperate purchase.)
  • Old-Time "Combine car" (Additional cars available for seperate purchase.)
  • If you buy the "Complete Set with Power Pak/Transformer & Track you also get:
  • 12 Sections of 18 inch radius Cruve Track
  • 1 piece of 9 inch straight track
  • 1 pc of Combination 9' Straight Re-railer & Terminal Connection Track
  • Bachmann brand HO "DC" Power pack with Wall plug Converter

"HO" Durnago & Silverton Train set

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"HO" Model Train Set, Durango & Silverton
2-8-0 Locomotive and 3 cars
.Complete with Track and Power Pack/Transformer
Only $179.99
Quantity: Check out now
$225.00 ea.
"HO" Model Train Set, Durango & Silverton
2-8-0 Locomotive and 3 cars Only
No Track orPower Pack/Transformer
Only $149.99
Quantity: Check out now
$188.00 ea.
"HO" Add-on Tourist Gondola Car 0160-017432
Only $25.59
Quantity: Check out now
$32.00 ea.
Photo Coming Soon of Bachmann D&S Coach Car "H0" Model Train Set, Durango & Silverton Extra "Add-On" Coach Car 0160-013401
Only $17.99
Quantity: Check out now
$21.98 ea.
Photo Coming Soon of Bachmann D&S Combine Car "HO" Model Train Set, Durango & Silverton Extra "Add-On" Combine Car 0160-013501
Only $17.99
Quantity: Check out now
$21.98 ea.

     Model Railroading Is the World's Greatest Family Hobby
All family Members of all ages can participate.
While learning about and modeling with miniature trains
the family members can a lot about History and the nations growth
as well as Designing of a train layout, carpentry, electrical stuff, electronic controls of trains, as well as have something they can proudly show off as they make progress on the project.
Basic DVD Contains:
  • Introduction to Model Trains and an explanation of the Different Scales (Sizes) Available.
  • Step by Step construction of a basic "HO" Train Set on a 4x8 table top. (about 45 minutes long)

    Labelle Lubricants Video
    A $12.95 VALUE !

    Maintenance and Care of your Model Trains, etc.
    Detailed DVD on how to clean and lubricate your model trains to keep them in top operating condition.
  • 0001-000952
    Only $12.95
    For BOTH DVD's !
    Quantity: Check out now
    $12.95 ea.
    Plus $4.99
    Looking for Trains to Ride in your local area,
    or take your grandkids for a ride
    or a Dinner Train?

    This book gives you a list of 475 Tourist Trains, Railway Museums, and Railroad attractions open to the public in the USA and Canada.
    There is probably a Train attraction within a few hours drive of your house you never knew about!
    Here is an idea. Keep it in your car when you go on a trip, never know what you may run across. Only $19.99 plus a reduced shippng cost of $4.99 to any USA destination.
    Only $19.99
    Quantity: Check out now
    $19.99 ea.

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         Con-Cor Trains recommends you use LaBelle brand Lubricants on all your "HO" Train Sets. This not only includes the Locomotive, but also the axle ends on the passenger cars to reduce friction and pull longer trains, as well as the moving parts of operating knuckle couplers to insure the best possible coupler operation. See order form below for LaBelle products you can order today.


    Stock Number
    430-001001 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for HO, O, S, On30,On3, Lionel, LGB and all large Scales $ 24.98
    430-001002 LaBelle Lube 3-pak kit (2 kinds of Oil, Plus Grease for N and Z Scales $ 24.98
    430-000105 LaBelle Track Conditioner, 1 oz bottle fluid plus cleaning pads. $ 10.98
    430-000115 LaBelle Replacement Pads only $ 7.49
    430-000901 LaBelle Motor Cleaning System $ 16.98
    430-000112 LaBelle "HO" Operating Coupler Lubricant, keeps the moving parts of your magnetic couplers working as designed $ $8.39


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