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About the Con-Cor HO Airslide Model:

      The Airslide was one of Con-Cor's very first kits way back in 1962. Jim Conway our company's founder, remembers when he first called GATX and talked to a Mr. Leroy Kramer head of GATX's Public Relations Dept about Jim's idea for the project. As a result, Jim got a private tour of the GATX car building facility in East Chicago Indiana.

     Those were the days when companies such as GATX not only had a public relations department, but also an "offical" company photographer. On that private tour way back in 1962, Jim also met the company photographer who told Jim he could go through all his photos and make a list and GATX would provide 8x10 copies to Con-Cor at no charge. Not to be greedy, Jim spent several hours going through filing cabinets of stuff and picked out a large stack of photos.

     Jim remembers when he gave the list to the company photographer, he was afraid the guy might tell him to "thin down the pile", but no, he was told it would take about a week to get the set of prints, and sure enough about a week later some very thick envelopes arrived in the mail.

     The envelopes contained copies of all the photos Jim has asked for, along with a complete set of "Erection" drawings on the Airslide cars.

     It was from this material that Jim made the first HO Airslide kits.

     The HO Airslide was revived again by Jim in the early 1990's when he made the model as a highly detailed plastic kit.

     Now the Airslide comes to life again for the 3rd time as a fully factory assembled and decorated R.T.R. model.

     And the better news is that while going back through the old records we found a large number of those original 8x10 photos that Jim had gotton from GATX. To date some of these paint schemes have NEVER been done in HO by anyone.. so we will be offering in the future a lot of unique distintive Roadnames that never have been modeled in HO as far as we can tell.

(01-97051 Pennsylvania RR 1950's ) (01-97052 Burlington Route)

(01-97053 Union Pacific 1980's) (01-97054 Brach's Candies 1950's)

(01-97055 Rio Grande 1950's )

  • Fully Assembled and Ready to Run
  • Historic Paint and lettering schemes
  • Metal Die Cast weighting
  • Metal RP-25 wheelsets
  • Industry compatible working knuckle couplers
  • Limited Run Road numbers


          The Airslide Cars will be available both in single pack cars, and in a Collector's Two pack. The 2 pack will be limited to under 200 sets, and carry unique car numbers, not available in the single car package. If the 2 pack is ever re-run in future, it will have different car numbers.

    50% Off SALE PRICING ! Packing: Single Cars $11.49 ea.

    0001-97051  Pennsylvania  Railroad
    0001-97052  Burlington Route
    0001-97053  Union Pacific
    0001-97054  Brach's Fine Candies
    0001-97055  Rio Grande

    50% Off SALE PRICING ! Packing: Collector Two Packs $19.99 ea.

    0001-97001  Pennsylvania  Railroad
    0001-97002  Burlington Route
    0001-97003  Union Pacific
    0001-97004  Brach's Fine Candies
    0001-97005  Rio Grande

    (01-97056 Bakelite Plastics 1960's ) (01-97057 Great Northern 1950's+)

    (01-97058 Atlantic Sugar Refinery) (01-97059 Nebraska Con. Mills 1950's)

    (01-97060 Firestone ) (01-97061 Jack Frost Sugar 1950's)

    (01-97062 Champion Spark Plugs )

    50% Off SALE PRICING ! Packing: Single Cars $11.49 ea.

    0001-97056  Bakelite Plastics, bright red, white car
    0001-97057  Great Northern (1950's multi-color goat logo)
    0001-97058  Atlantic Sugar Refineries
    0001-97059  Nebraska Consolidated Mills
    0001-97060  Firestone Tire Co.
    0001-97061  Jack Frost Sugar
    0001-97062  Champion Spark Plugs

    50% Off SALE PRICING ! 50% Off SALE PRICING ! Packing: Collector Two Packs $19.99 ea.

    0001-97006  Bakelite Plastics, bright red, white car
    0001-97007  Great Northern (1950's multi-color goat logo)
    0001-97008  Atlantic Sugar Refineries
    0001-97009  Nebraska Consolidated Mills
    0001-97010  Firestone Tire Co.
    0001-97011  Jack Frost Sugar
    0001-97012  Champion Spark Plugs

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