How to Install Sound in "HO" AeroTrain
Using Con-Cor's Special DCC Ready Coach Car

 Special Version of our HO AeroTrain Coach car, factory modified and ready to install any brand DCC Sound Decoder of your choice. Note: This is car only, Sound Decoder is NOT Included in price.

But price does include special extender harness to bridge between NMRA 8 pin plug installed on AeroTrain Locomotive PCB board, and into DCC ready Coach.

Installation instructions follow below.

Special DCC Ready Coach Car $ 84.98 ea.

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 Photo # 27             Photo #28      

Photo #27 - Remove the body shell from the power unit of the AeroTrain. DO NOT use any metal or plastic tools. I use the wooden skewers as seen in the photo. If you use metal or plastic tools you will mare the finish of the model or gouge the plastic ruining your model.

Photo #28 - Once the body is off the chassis, set it aside.

 Photo #30              Photo #32      

Photo #30 - Carefully remove the Analog plug. Do not loose it. Put it in a safe place. You will need it again if you plan to operate your AeroTain in the DC mode.

Photo #32 - Here is the Wiring harness produced for the Sound car. It is actually an "Extension" cord like you would use for an electrical item in your home. The difference here is that it much smaller, uses eight wires and is used for DCC. (Digital Command Control).

 Photo #33             Photo #34     

Photo #33 - Plug the 8-pin male end of the Wiring Harness into the female plug of the Power unit of the AeroTrain. This is located behind the engineers cab on the printed circuit board.

Photo #34 - Once you are done, the Wiring Harness should look like this.

 Photo #37            Photo #38      

Photo #37 - Now thread the Wiring harness through the opening of the diaphragm of the body shell.

Photo #38 - Snap the body shell back onto the power unit chassis. The Wiring harness will extend out the back end of the power unit as pictured.

 Photo #035             Photo #036     

Photo #35 - Here is a view of the Sound car. Note that it is exactly like any other coach in your set. The difference is the interior.

Photo #36 - Notice the seat backs have been removed to accommodate the MRC speaker from their #1000 Sound Decoder. The car was also designed with pre-drilled holes in the floor so the sound could escape, giving you the most optimum sound value. At this point I want you to know that while "we" used the MRC Brand Sound Decoder, you have the choice as to which decoder you would like to use. If your speaker is too large for the sound car, you can simply trim off more of the seat backs.

 Photo #039              Photo #040      

Photo #39 - Thread the Wiring harness through the opening of the coach diaphragm.

Photo #40 - I used the same wooden skewer to separate the wires in front of the coach chassis to make threading the Wiring Harness easier. Be careful, these wires are thin and can be broken off their solder points if you are too rough with them.

              Photo #42     

Photo #42 - Here is what you are looking to have once the wiring harness is threaded through.

 Photo #31                 

Photo #31 - Here is the MRC #1000 Sound Decoder. Note that the speaker is attached and the whole unit is "Plug-n-Play".

 Photo #43             Photo #44      

Photo #43 - Now, plug the Sound Decoder into the Wiring Harness. Again, the 8-pin male connector to the female 8-pin connector of the Wiring Harness.

 Photo #45              Photo #46      

Photos #44 - #45 - #46 - Now remove the P3 spade cover on the Wiring harness and place the Green wire from the decoder though the insulated opening on the Wiring Harness marked P3. Once you are finished, replace the spade cover. This procedure is for those using full DCC (Digital Command Control) and allows you to access the "Crossing" light feature of the AeroTrain. Please refer to the instructions included with your set for more information.

 Photo #47              Photo #29     

Photo #47 - Now, place the speaker and the decoder Printed Circuit Board into the chassis of the coach.

Photo #29 - Snap the body back onto the coach chassis, connect the unit to the power unit of the AeroTrain. Now you are ready to operate.

At this point you, if you are using the MRC #1000, you have several choices. You can operate in DC mode using the Hand Held transmitter (enclosed with the decoder) giving you the choice of several features (Consult the product manual). You can also add the MRC Black Box for even more features (consult the product manual) or, you can operate in full DCC mode.

BUT, as we mentioned you can use ANY BRAND Decoder.... it is YOUR CHOICE !!

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