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"HO" or "N" Twin Headlight Version of the Pioneer Zephyr

Both "HO" and "N" sets come with a working Mars light that will function out of the box in "DC" mode, and can be activated in "DCC" mode with a "DCC" decoder that has the connections available to activate the "P3" function.

     The following are Direct Links to the "How to" Installation Instructions, these are multi-page PDF files, so may take a while to download.

Take me to the "HO" 2HL Decoder Installation PDF pages

Take me to the "N" 2HL Decoder Installation PDF pages

Take me to the Main Con-Cor Twin Headlight Zephyr page with ordering information.

A SPECIAL Sound Decoder will be available for the Twin Headlight Zephyr !

     Con-Cor , working with DigiTrax, brings you a Special Digitrax Sound Decoder. If you do not have a dealer convenient to you, you can order your Zephyr and Decoder direct from us and we can install for you.

     For only $74.98 we will load your decoder with the best match to the sounds the Zephyr train we can find, mount the decoder inside the loco, add a special speaker inside the Zephyr, and test run the Loco and Decoder for you, all before we ship. (Decoder and labor to install it are not subject to further discount.) Questions? Call Vinnie in our Customer Service Dept. during business hours.

     Note: If you prefer your local dealer to install for you, no problem as he can get the stand alone Decoder from us. If you prefer to use a different brand decoder, that's ok also. Both the "HO" and "N" Zephyrs come with the standard NMRA "Medium" Decoder Socket set that will accept any decoder that has the 10 pin wiring harness.

     The Set will come with a Instruction Sheet showing how you or your dealer can install a Sound Decoder, and how to activate the working "Mars lightfunction" in "DCC" mode. Or you can download the PDF's off this web page. (Links are provided above.)

     Our version of the "Twin Headlight" Zephyr will use a flashing LED that will operate in both DC and DCC mode to simulate this safety feature. The Pioneer Zephyr retained this "twin headlight" until its final run on March 20th, 1960.

     When running on Analog "DC" the Front headheadlight will simulate a Mars light function as long as the Train is moving forward. (See Video below). When converted to DCC mode by swapping out the factory mounted PCB board plugged into the NMRA 10 pin Socket with a Con-Cor DCC Decoder, you can program the P-3 connection to vary the Intensity and duration of the blinking to suit your own taste, by changing the CV settings. (CV 113, Value 34 suggested). If you choose to use a DCC sound Decoder other than the Con-Cor, please double check with your Decoder Manufacturer to make sure these settings for operating the Mars Light in DCC mode will be appropriate for the brand and model Number of the decoder you will be using.

     You can see a short video of the Engineering Sample of the new HO Twin Headlight Zephyr running on the Elmhurst Model Railroad Club layout in Elmhurst Illinois by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Video Below shows final version of the working Mars light, the model shown in the Video does not have the final decoration applied as yet. (2nd Video below shot some time ago, and Zephyr model shown in that did not have the final electronics in place. But it gives you an idea of how this fantastic model will look on a larger layout.

Click on Video Link Below to see Engineering Sample of "Twin Headlight" Zephyr running on the Elmhurst Illinois model railroad club layout. Our thanks to Bob Roundy and Bob Pearson of the Elmhurst Club for their help.

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